3 sure ways to ensure your resume packs a punch…


It’s Sunday morning and your having coffee, just relaxing in the courtyard of your home The suns rays filtering through trees perfectly to create a feeling of warmth. It’s a great day to read the newspaper and catch up on some interesting articles. Your flickering through the pages and a headline captures your attention. A journalist you have never heard of seen before has written a punch line that captures your interest. He goes onto express a point of view by providing support information to demonstrate how they came to that conclusion. You read on…your inquisitive…and want to know more. Where is this story heading?

Does your resume have that striking punchline that engages the recruiter? Does it tell a story about you that engages the recruiter to find out more. Has it been able to profile you in a manner that projects you as a top candidate with a point of differentiation?

Here are 3 key points that will distinguish your resume from the rest and encourage the recruiter to explore further;

  1. Is your document solutions orientated and does it project you as someone who can find solutions to business problems?
  2. Is your document objectives orientated and can it demonstrate your achievements by referring to SMART objectives as evidence?
  3. Does it demonstrated the how in your ability to achieve success through the engagement of others.

Does your resume contain specific examples (what) where you have found solutions to business problems. Companies today want more that just your ability to perform a task but to participate in methodologies that drive root cause analysis and eliminate poor work practices. Removing non value added activity saves companies money and your resume should clearly state where you have done this.

Does your resume clearly show objectives you have set and achieved. They should be SMART objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound).

The killer blow comes when you project the (how) you achieved your objectives. Teamwork, working in teams, cross functional teams, engagement, coaching and mentoring others to success. Because achievements are rarely achieved on your own accord but through a team work based culture. So your resume should demonstrate your ability to be part of a team and drive improvements by motivating and utilising the skills of others.

Have it look at your resume and ask yourself…does it pack a punch? Does it have point of difference about your ability to perform the role? Would you hire that person and does it get you motivated to pick up that phone and arrange an interview.

When you consider your resume is an entry point to the interview stage and must perform at an optimum level to get to the top of the pile…is it cutting the mustard? We all think we can draft our own resumes and some are better than others. However, a professionally written document will  focus on your projection and profile and pack a punch in the right areas. Its money well spent if your serious about you next move.